The Quality Policy of FPE S.A. in Będzin is consistently shaping its image as a reliable and competent partner cooperating with customers and suppliers in a manner based on mutual benefits and respect for their interests.

We are aware that this behavior will ensure that we maintain a significant position on the domestic bare-wire power market, stabilization in other copper and aluminum products as well as sales of a new range of products.

An indispensable condition for the implementation of these assumptions is the fulfillment of all accepted obligations resulting from the needs and expectations of customers and the law.

The idea of improvement

  • Development and expansion of the range of products
  • Modernization of the infrastructure
  • A system approach aimed at preventing errors
  • Safeguarding staff competence
  • Modifications of the course of technological and organizational process
  • Optimalization of the operating costs


ISO 9001

Fabryka Przewodów Energetycznych S.A. in Będzin has implemented the Quality Management System according to EN ISO 9001: 2015. The first certification audit took place in 1997, since then we have been constantly striving to improve our quality management system. All internal and external audits, including those organized by the customer, always ended with a positive result.

ISO 14001

In the first quarter of 2013, Fabryka Przewodów Energetycznych S.A. in Będzin has implemented the Environmental Management System according to EN ISO 14001: 2004. In May 2019, the Company successfully passed the certification process and as a result received the Certificate for the Environmental Management System according to EN ISO 14001: 2015.

Certificates of conformity

Certificates of cleaner production